FM - The Force Ten helmet is very nice to wear, it weights only 1300gr. and has a perfect head shape. Since it is made of carbon-fibres, it gives a very good protection, wich i personaly has experienced on several occations 'banging' my head to the road. Especially this year when attending a race on the 'Jutland Ring' , i landed on my shoulder and the head continued until it reached the road whith a very great force. I had a headache for about an hour, then everything was OK!. Remember to replace you helmet, everytime it has been 'used'.
Sponser : Sand Jensen Motorcykler - Viborgvej 13 - 8600 Silkeborg - Tlf. 86827290
I am using the HRC-stage 1 kit (carburator parts/rebuilding) on my racer, with all the possibilities that opens up. I know that other compagnies are supplying carburator parts, but Honda (HRC) has got about 160 engineers employed doing nothing else than tuning Honda motorcycles, so from my point of view, this must give the best products. The result of this is a much better 'kick' in the whole rpm-range, and not the easy way by pushing the hp's up in the high rpm end, just to achive more hp's.
It is better to have 120Hp from 8500 to12000 rpm, than 140Hp between 11500 and 12000 rpm.
As in all kinds of motorsports the tyres are of essential importance. My choice of Michelin-tyres is based on the fact, that the 'slide' margin is very wide, from the point where the cycle starts to slide, until it looses tracktionden. Further more, the tyres acts the same way everythime yor buy a new tyre. is a great shop on the internet. Fair prices and a very large stock!
MOTO-TECH in Silkeborg, supplies most of the different things i need for my motorcycle when i am racing. Further more, Hans Jessen(the owner) is a very valuable help for me, for repaires, setting up, or for ajustments. MOTO-TECH - 8600 Silkeborg - Tlf. 86855912