The RC30 was designed in 1986 (and released in 1987), to enable the RVF750 indurance bike to enter the new F1(later Superbike) class, since this class only allowed street-bikes with more than 1000 units sold.
Honda took the RVF racer, mounted lights and electrical system on it and reduced the engine power to 112HP.
The RC30 is a pure racer, handles and brakes like a racer - touring is NOT an option!.
The RC30 won the 1988 and 1989 F1/Superbike world championships and has been in top 10 on Isle Of Man until 1997 - the first years 7 out of top 10 in Isle Of Man was RC30.
The engine is a V4 90dgr. with 16 valves and 4 cams (2 pr. cylinderhead).
All 4 piston/rods are mounted on the same crank, like a double parallel twin - wich gives 2 combustions only 90 dgr. apart. This engine construction is called 'big-bang'- just like the NSR500 V4 2-stroke. The big advantage of the 'big-bang' engine is a very wide power rpm span. My engine makes 100hp at 8500 rpm and 112hp at 12500 rpm (on a dynotest = power on the backwheel), even in six'th gear it hits the rev-limiter without any hisitation.
The gearbox is close-ratio, with a very long first gear (make racestarts a challenge!!). The clutch releases to 30% when downshifting, so rear wheel lock up's is almost impossible.
With only HRC-stage one kit (carburator rebuild and a few other mods) and the correct exhaust, it is possible to get 130Hp from the engine.
Weight - 170Kg
Brakes - Front : 2 x 310mm discs w.4 pistons
Back : 1 x 210mm disc
Dampers - Front Showa 43mm - Back Íhlins RC30-race
Wheels - Marvic 5."/17 - 6,25"/17
Tyres - 120-60/17 180-67/17 (190-55/17)